Bass fishing at Papyrus Lodge in Western Cape


Posted on 11th January 2011 by admin in Destinations

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Initially I thought that Papyrus Lodge was for fly fishing, but when I arrived it became clearly that it is far more geared up for plastics, spinners, jigs and the likes as the dam is fairly planted and stocked with black bass.

Papyrus Lodge is quite a wonderful setting on the Winery Road in the Helderberg, just 25 minutes from Cape Town. The luxury chalets are positioned on the lake, so you’re sitting on your desk with the water under you. You can fish from your deck whilst having a braai, or you can use one of the small row boats provided to row around the lake and fish. The lake isn’t too big, so it’s easy to try out all the spots, but you probably won’t have to as the fish are very keen on biting, regardless of what you throw them. I was most successful with pumpkinseed worms and lures:

Best colours used were dark or blue, and they loved lures which make noise! I caught about 30 bass in the space of 2 days, 2 which were large and my fiance caught a giant too. Here are some photographs:

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Cost: Accommodation booking required to fish
Fish: Black Bass and Carp
Tackle: Spinners, Lures, Plastics
Rating: 4/5
Catch and Release: Yes

  1. ross says:

    Wow, your fiance caught a flippin good one there! What were the accommodation rates like? Affordable?

    16th January 2011 at 9:38 pm

  2. admin says:

    Ye, geez, tell me about it! It’s not the cheapest place, but if you’re looking for a good weekend away with some lekker bass fishing, then I’d highly recommend it. You can check their rates out on their website..

    16th January 2011 at 9:42 pm

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