Boland Competitive Fly Fishing 2011


Posted on 27th January 2011 by admin in News

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If you’re based in the Western Cape and enjoy more than just a day here and there of fishing, then perhaps you’d enjoy joining the gang at Eikendal on theĀ  6th of February. Peter Meyer has invited anyone who might be keen, juniors, ladies, and anyone else who’s interested to join them for a fun day, so please spread the word. This is also a great way to get into more competitive fishing, meet some new fishing buddies and generally just find out who’s who.

I’ve chatted to the folks at Fly Talk (Eikendal) and they’re a very friendly bunch who have lots of experience and many stories, so it’ll no doubt be a fun day!

A fire will be going by 11am for those who want to stick around, meet some great people and enjoy a boerewors roll.

If you’re interested, please pop Phillip an email at

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