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All angling clubs should practise environmentally friendly catch-and-release in their competitions, the SA Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity said on Thursday.

South African fisheries were on the decline and it was vital that everyone took measures to protect aquatic resources, the Grahamstown-based institute said.

It said an example had been set by the Mackay Bridge Angling Club based at Colchester in the Eastern Cape.

The club hosted an annual fishing competition in the Sundays River estuary where winners used to be judged solely by the weight of their catch.

The estuary was one of the institute’s tagging study sites.

In co-operation with the institute, the club had from 2007 changed the format to include a voluntary catch and release element.

The first 25 fish to be caught, tagged and successfully released resulted in prizes.

If previously tagged and released fish were caught again, the angler was awarded R2 500, though this prize had yet to be claimed.

The institute said the change in format of the competition was well-received by participants and had created much-needed awareness around sustainable fishing.

The challenge was to encourage other angling clubs, competition organisers and social anglers to practice catch and release.

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