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La Ferme is situated in the beautiful, Franschhoek Wine Valley in the Cape winelands of South Africa, about 40 minutes outside of Cape Town and off the N1. Franschhoek is home to award-winning wine estates (Graham Beck Wine Estate) and restaurants, boutique hotels and luxury guest houses, wonderful retail shops and many fishing destinations.

One of these great fishing destinations is La Ferme, a small holding which offers 4 dams, of which all 4 are stoked with rainbow trout and 2 are stoked with bass. 3 of the dams are strictly fly fishing, and one allows for spinning. The dams are incredibly well looked after and catching is normally on the cards. Parking is available, right next to the dams and there is a small shop which sells flies at R10-R15 per fly. By appointment, you can also have lessons and the staff are always incredibly friendly and ready to assist.

How to get there:

Cost: R100 per day
Fish: Rainbow Trout and Bass
Tackle: Fly fishing in 3 of the dams, spinning in 1
Rating: 4/5
Catch and Release: Yes, and pay per kilogram in some cases
Site Manager: Mercedes – 082 5552043 (sms only due to reception)

La Ferme also runs fishing competitions from time to time as well as great accommodation. To find out more about La Ferma, click here.

  1. Luke says:

    Hi Man

    Just a hint,

    When flying in still water, you want to go with a wet fly, namely the pheasant tail nymph (they are small but POTENT), Zonker, Wooly Bugger (blue tinsel), Dragon, and White Death. I have had HUGE success on these flies. I’m off to La Ferme tomorrow to give it a shot. I can also tell you to give 3 Streams a try. I went there the first week of June 2012 and landed over 50 rainbows in 2 days, all of which fought like mad, as trout do. Had a ton of break offs due to a 2 pound breaking strain line. What was supposed to be a romantic weekend away for my girlfriend and myself ended up being a fishing paradise for me. Send me a private mail and we can chat and perhaps make a plan to go out for a day.


    13th July 2012 at 7:49 pm

  2. admin says:

    Hi Luke – The black and dark green Wooley buggers work incredibly well at La Ferme, as well as the DDD – I’ve caught successfully on these three flies.

    Wow, 50 rainbows!!!! Where is 3 Streams?

    “What was supposed to be a romantic weekend away for my girlfriend and myself ended up being a fishing paradise for me” – I would have done the same!

    21st August 2012 at 9:45 am

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