Mardouw Country House


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Mardouw Country Club is probably one of the most beautiful locations to do some fishing. A well stoked dam makes for great fishing and a number of other activities such as golfing, golf cart ride through the mountains and relaxing at the pool are all on offer. The food is outstanding as well.

The dam is a quick walk away from the rooms and is small enough to ensure that you will catch. Bass roam the waters, ranging from fairly small to some which were incredibly big. The only problem with the location is that there is no day fishing, you have to stay in their accommodation which is very pricey, you can find the rates here.

How to get there:

[googlemap_in_wordpress width=”450″ height=”450″ src=”,24.7&sspn=16.689932,39.506836&ie=UTF8&hq=mardouw+country+house&hnear=&ll=-33.436026,20.220337&spn=1.984892,4.938354&t=h&z=8&iwloc=A”]

Cost: Included in accommodation
Fish: Bass
Tackle: Spinning and Fly Fishing
Rating: 4/5
Catch and Release: Yes

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