My best fly fishing destinations of 2010


Posted on 19th December 2010 by admin in News

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This blog is mostly about fly fishing in the Western Cape, so for this post I’ll focus on just that. Here are my top 5 destinations of 2010 based on a myriad of reasons, such as:

  • Distance from Cape Town
  • Size of fish
  • Difficulty
  • Cost
  • Setting

So, let’s not stall, here are my best destinations of 2010:

  1. La Ferme
  2. Mardouw Country Lodge
  3. Jonkershoek
  4. Button Quail Nature Reserve
  5. Eikendal

If you’re interested in any of these, have a look at the fishing destinations category, I’ve detailed each area with as much information as possible.

Where did you do most of your fishing in 2010?

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