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So after last week’s missive and a promise of an “on stream update” what do I have to offer? Not a lot to be honest, the flows in the Elandspad appeared pretty good when I was up there but both Mike and myself really struggled to find fish, they simply were not out and about but for the early hours of the morning.

I have always been of the opinion that one didn’t need to be up at crack of dawn to be successful but with the intensely warm days of late and the bright sunshine that goes with that it seems that the fish are going to ground or at least they were last Saturday when we were there.

Reports back from various people on the Holsloot suggest that that particular river and our normal refuge in times of low flows and extreme heat has continued to be pretty fickle and all in all now is probably not the best time to be seeking out trout. As to the lower beats, well I think that it is probably irresponsible to even consider fishing them but for a few hours in the early morning, the fish must be pretty stressed, not least because if you think that it has been hot in Cape Town you should be checking out the temperatures in Paarl and Worcester, it has been more than a little hectic.

There is apparently a bit of rain due this week, whether sufficient to make any real difference to the fishing though I have my doubts. The dog days of summer are upon us, sure you can find some fish if you work hard but they are going to give you few chances and I doubt that most of the fish that I have seen of late are going to hang around for you to make more than a couple of casts before they fade away.

Perhaps it really is worth a very early trip to see if things are better although on average that tactic never seems to be particularly effective it may well be that in these conditions it could prove fruitful.

Elandspad Fire:

This past weekend was the first opportunity to see the results of the fire on the Elandspad. Although I wasn’t able to view the full extend of the damage it appears as though the fire stopped short of crossing the stream. Either held back by the path or at least by the greener bankside vegetation. I am not the expert but it looked to me as though the fire went through fairly quickly and didn’t generate too much heat, there were still some green protea bushes in amongst the burned stuff and I suspect that there will be a reasonable recovery. We weren’t knee deep in ash or black as the ace of spades on our return and the path was clear so perhaps it wasn’t quite as bad as it could have been. Although as said we didn’t see all the way up the river.

Clean up Time:

Notification from the office that we will be holding a clean up session on Beat 1 of the Elandspad and six of the Smallblaar. These sections are most easily accessible to the general public and as a result seem to accumulate the most rubbish. Combined with the fact that the design of the drainage on the road outside the tunnel collects all the papers and plastic along the roadside and then with the first rains deposits it all into the river it can all get a big grubby..

Proposed date for litter cleanup on Smalblaar beat 6 and Elands Pad beat 1 is 26 or 27 February 2011. Meet at 8am at SB6 parking and start at 8:30am, Finish by 12pm. All interested parties (martyrs) can contact Please note that these beats have been provisionally closed on these dates to allow the activity to take place. If you are fishing the streams please take note of the condition of the beats especially the parking areas and let me know. You will need a few refuse bags (a bucket is better for broken glass), garden gloves and loads of enthusiasm. There will be a mystery prize for the most used diapers collected

Nature Conservation Checks.

I am pleased to report that I have seen the Nature Conservation guys on point at the Elandspad carpark a few times of late deterring the indigent alcoholic masses from wrecking the environment and turning back the occasional crew armed with beachcasters and 4/0 hooks so they are making some effort which is great to see. It also means that you should insure that you have your documentation in order when you are fishing, you have been warned.

Errata: Notifications of Barbel and Minnows.

Those astute observers amongst you may have noticed a typo in last weeks news where I referred to barbell as saw toothed catfish instead of sharp toothed catfish, the latter being obviously the correct nomenclature. Regrettably banging out a few hundred words at five in the morning occasionally leads to these lapses so my apologies..

Should there be any confusion please note that the tiny fishy looking things are the minnows, the larger spotted ones are the trout and the even larger brown ones with whiskers and heads that look as though they have been recently involved in an altercation with a Mac Truck are the barbel. That should avoid the necessity of any close inspection of dentition to adequately make an assessment of your catch.

If you encounter any of the minnows or the catfish please let Jean know to pass on the information to Dr Cockcroft, if you encounter any of the trout please notify me because I have been battling to find any. Thanks

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