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Posted on 4th October 2010 by admin in News

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The weather’s getting better in Cape Town as we approach Summer and after the fear that there would be lots of rain this weekend, it turned out to be rather perfect. Saturday morning presented itself nice and early, right and ready for a day of fishing.

Here’s a quick peak at the weather this week:

Stop 1: Jonkershoek

Jonkershoek is definitely best fished early in the morning, because once 11am arrives, the fish are far less interested in biting. The bottom dam is still the best spot, I pulled out two 2kg rainbows and had a number of bites, which I just wasn’t quick enough with. The top dams have been refilled with water and the fish have been put back in them, so now there is a selection of 5 dams, however, I must warn you – 2 hours spread out across the top 4 dams didn’t even result in a bite.

Stop 2: La Ferme

I’m really not having much luck at this venue lately. I was told that using a DDD fly (below) is the best fly to use and if you’re fishing two flies on one line – a Mrs Simpson fly and a dark coloured wet fly works wonders too. I tried both of these strategies, after even tying on a new leader and the trout swim put to the fly, look at it and carry on swimming, with no interest at all – I honestly can’t figure out what the trick is! If you have advice, please leave a comment!


Learn how to tie a DDD fly.

All in all it was a good day of fishing and a great way to catch a tan at the same time, the sun was pumping towards lunch time!

Did you go fishing this weekend? Please let us know in the comments.

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