Lakenvlei Fly Fishing Dam in Ceres


Posted on 26th February 2012 by admin in Destinations

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Lakenvlei has been explained as the best fly fishing location in the Western Cape by many anglers. The dam is positioned in the beautiful mountains in Ceres, which is about 2 to 3 hours drive from Cape Town.

There’s a beautiful lake-side cabin that can be rented for those who want to stay over for a night or two and take full advantage of the fishing, alternatively you can go for just a day trip.

Cost: R2,300 per person per day
Fish: Rainbow & Brown Trout
Tackle: Fly fishing only
Rating: 5/5
Catch and Release: Anglers may take 2 fish per day over 35cm in length
Contact: (you have to know a member or be a member in order to fish. Accommodation is controlled by Piscator)

Cheers to Ryan from Float Tubes for assisting me with photographs.

Du Toitskloof Trout Fishing


Posted on 11th July 2011 by admin in Destinations

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Du Toitskloof Trout farm is a wonderful fly fishing destination to go if you’re interested in some easy-access (National Road N1, P O Box 144, Rawsonville, 6841.) trout fishing. The farm is located just a few kilometers after the Huguenot tunnel if you’re heading away from Cape Town. There are very visible signs on the N1 and you turn left and go down a short road to find plenty of parking at the resort. The resort consists of self catering accommodation (breakfast included) as well as a bar, restaurant, several dams stocked with trout and a number of other interesting things.

Fishing is decent, I’ve been twice and enjoyed both times, plenty of fish are pulled out daily and there’s no rule about fishing method, so if you’re not a fly fisherman, you’re allowed to use a spinner or even bait with a float. There are a few things to note: lots of children fish there, there’s a fair amount of noise and there’s no catch and release.

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Cost: R50 per person for the day, including some bait.
Fish: Rainbow Trout
Tackle: Spinners, Lures, Bait, Flies
Rating: Good
Catch and Release: No, R70 per kilogram
Contacts: Tel +27 23 3491151/3/4 Fax +27 23 3411813 Email info@

Trout Haven – Dwarsberg Fly Fishing


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I recently took a trip to Dwarsberg, just next to Rawsonville, to a place called Trout Haven. Trout Haven is all about fishing the Western Cape Streams and that’s exactly what I did. I only had one full day on the rivers, so I was up early, waders on and ploughing my way through the ice cold water trying to snag a rainbow or two. The venue is fantastic and the setting is stunning, so it’s really worth going for a few days.

I managed to catch 1 rainbow, not a very big one, but it put up a decent fight and I was pleased to have landed it. I’m still a novice, so I can imagine someone who has fished the streams a lot would be pulling out quite a few as I saw a lot jumping for mayflies.

Here are some photographs I snapped:

Cost: Accommodation booking required to fish
Fish: Rainbow Trout
Tackle: Fly fishing only
Rating: 4/5
Catch and Release: Yes

Barton Villas – Fly Fishing Hermanus


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Five hundred acres of pure bliss, luxurious accommodation and fly fishing – sounds like the perfect spot doesn’t it?

Barton Villas is located in Hermanus in the Cape’s Hottentots Holland mountain, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and tranquil settings. Barton Villas has it’s own vineyards with olive groves and lavender fields, which are used to produce wines, olive oil and essential oils.

There are 4 villas on the vineyard, Blue Crane, Plover, Heron and Hammerkop, each of which is unique in its own way. These villas are luxurious, private pools, jacuzzi’s, DSTV and all the amenities you might need.

The farm offers a number of activities such as walking, cycling, picnics, bird watching, but most importantly fly-fishing.

Cost: Accommodation booking required to fish
Fish: Rainbow Trout
Tackle: Fly fishing only
Rating: na
Catch and Release: Yes

WARNING: When I arrived there, after enquiring about the fishing, I was told that the dam was not stocked nor was there any fishing. No previous warning was given. Please make sure you enquire about fishing before you book!

Eikendal Fly Fishing


Posted on 23rd October 2010 by admin in Destinations

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Eikendal Wine Estate is situated on the R44 road between Somerset West and Stellenbosch. It’s a 30 minute drive from Cape Town and is a beautiful location. Fly Talk run the fly fishing at the damn and Phillip, the on-site manager, has a tackle shop with every little goodie you could possibly think of, he’s also there to offer advice and if you’re just keen to give fly fishing a go, he’ll be more than happy to set you up with a rod and some guidelines.

The estate offers fly fishing on two dams, an upper and a lower, both which have rainbow trout and brown trout. I didn’t manage to catch in the 2 hours I was there, but I arrived late and couldn’t get myself into the zone, despite seeing at least 30 jumpers whilst throwing from the bank of the lower dam. Eikendal allows tubes on the lower dam, which would appear to be incredibly popular as there were more tubers than bankers.

[googlemap_in_wordpress width=”450″ height=”450″ src=”,24.7&sspn=20.934126,46.538086&ie=UTF8&hq=eikendal+wine+estate&hnear=&ll=-33.926554,18.828163&spn=0.054553,0.134411&t=h&z=13&iwloc=A”]

Cost: R100 for the day
Fish: Rainbow and Brown Trout
Tackle: Fly Fishing
Rating: 3/5
Catch and Release: Yes, but you can keep 1
Contact: Philip 021 855 2646 /