Tying a DDD Fly


Posted on 4th October 2010 by admin in Tutorials

The triple-D fly is a popular dry fly, especially on dams where owners feed their fish pellets, as it can look similiar to the pellets, here’s a quick guide on how to tie one.

You’ll need:

  • Hook – Number 12 to 16
  • Thread – Black
  • Body – Spun Deer Hair
  • Tail – Deer Hair
  • Hackle – Ginfer Cock


  • Using a clump of deer hair, tie in a tail
  • Remove the fluff from a larger clump of deer hair and spin it in just ahead of the tail
  • Repeat step two 3 or 4 times, but leave enough space for the head and hackle
  • Trim the deer hair to a cone shap making sure that it’s trimmed very short under the hook shaft, which will expose the gape of the hook.
  • Add the hackle at the base and wind forwards in 4 even turns, stroking back between turns – tie off and trim just behind the eye.
  • When forming the head pull the hackle fibers back and trap at the base with a few loose turns. The hackle fibers must lie back against the body.
  • Finish the head neatly. Tie off and varnish.

End product:

Triple-D Fly

Triple-D Fly

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