Western Cape Fishing Licenses – Full Explanation


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Fishing in the Western Cape legally is quite involved and it’s taken several days to really get down to the bottom of having all the documents. There are three documents required:

  • Cape Piscatorial Society (CPS) Membership
  • Fresh Water License
  • WildCard

Let me go over each one in detail:


The CPS controls a large number of waters in the Western Cape, including the popular rivers. A membership with the CPS is required to fish in the waters managed by them. This is done on behalf of the Cape Nature Conversation (CNC). You will need to download an application form, fill it out and send it back to the CPS (Fax: 021 424 5602 or Email: cpspc@netactive.co.za). The prices are on the form, please note that there is a cost for Dams as well as Rivers, it’s not an all inclusive. To fish in all the rivers and dams, you’re looking at a cost breakdown like this:

  • Entrance Fee: R60.00
  • Annual Subscription: R350.00
  • Season permit for Dams: R190.00
  • Season permit for Rivers: R190.00

FreshWater License

In the Western Cape, you still need a license to fish in freshwaters, this is non-negotiable and must be purchased from the CNC. You can email email Helen on hcassels@capenature.co.za with your name, address and ID number and she can assist you further if you’re not able to get down to the CNC yourself. The cost of a license is X. You can also get a freshwater license from Fred Tuckers Tackle in Main Rd Plumstead.

Side note: A salt water license can be purchased from your local post office for R79.00


On top of the CPS and freshwater license, you need a Cape Nature Reserve Wildcard, which allows you to enter areas controlled by the CNC. There are a number of ways to go about doing this, but here’s the easiest:

  • Visit the Wild Card area on the South African National Parks website – here
  • Click on the purchase link if you’d like to apply online
  • Complete the form and make your payment of R305.00 (pricing for 2 or more)
  • You will then receive an email with your wildcard number
  • Update your details on the website and request an authorization number
  • Activate your account.

Once all 3 documents have been covered, you’re basically free to fish anywhere in the Western Cape. Just remember that some locations are outside of the control of the CPS or the CNC and might charge you to fish there.

Leave me a comment if you need help.

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