Western Cape Stream Report Back


Posted on 3rd March 2011 by admin in News

A quick catch up on what’s been happening in the Western Cape streams from the CPS:


We had an interesting session on the Holsloot recently on one of the hottest days of the year, the venue chosen specifically in the hope of seeing some all day action and although the fish weren’t committing suicide we did at least find the odd one that would come to a fly right on into the afternoon. We rarely saw a rise and did have to put up with the usual “Vietnam patrol” approach through bushes, there were times when one felt that one should have an R1 over the shoulder instead of a three weight rod and finding an escape route when we were done for the day took some effort but at least we saw some fish.


The Smallblaar is looking rather like a desert as one drives past, I really can’t think that it is good or responsible to fish down there until things cool off a bit and each year I think “darn those fish are all going to be cooked” but then when the rains arrive there will be the largest fish back in the lower beats, or at least that has always been the case up to now..

Unfortunately one thing that I didn’t get around to was assisting with the stream clean up last Sunday, I had every intention of going but various commitments got in the way so my apologies and thanks to those who participated and I will try harder next time to make it.

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