Where did the time go?!


Posted on 26th February 2012 by admin in News

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It’s been over 4 months since we updated this website and before we wish you Happy New Year, we’d like to apologize for the slowness. The end of 2011 was incredibly busy and, as you probably know, 2012’s started off at full pace! If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably be wondering how on earth we’re entering into the 3rd month of 2012 already.

So, Happy New Year!!!

Instead of us writing up a post on things we’ve done, we’d love to hear from you, where have you been fly fishing, what have you caught and what did you learn over the festive season?

Ok ok, we’ll share a few things. Here are 5 highly popular fishing spots worth looking into:

  1. Lakenvlei Dam
  2. Orange River
  3. The Western Cape Streams (of course!)
  4. Off Cape Point
  5. Sandvlei

Go check them out if you haven’t!

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