Which flies are performing in the Western Cape waters


Posted on 26th September 2010 by admin in Equipment

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When you go fly fishing, you want to be prepared, having a good collection of flies is so important, especially if you’re going to a fishing destination that you haven’t been to before, you never know what sort of fly the fish will go for.

Here are four of the flies that have been performing well over the past few months in the Western Cape waters. You can see what they look like by clicking the thumbnails above, all flies have been labelled accordingly:

  • Black wooly bugger
  • Green wooly bugger (Great at La Ferme)
  • Bead Head Nymph
  • Mrs Simpson (Great at Jonkershoek)

Another fly that has been working incredibly well is one that looks similiar to the Green Wooly Bugger, made from Marabou Turkey Dark Olive feathers and has a touch of red material under the feathers. This fly pulled out four rainbow trout ranging from 2kg to 4kg in a two hour fishing sessions.

It would appear that attraction flies are definitely out performing aggression flies.

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